Fraser Range Station to Northam

The Fraser Range Station was a very unusual and intersting place to stay. The cottage we stayed in was very old and was built by convicts.  It had lots of frog paintings.

When it was time to sleep Marnie making us all laugh by jumping up in her bed like a jack in the box.

Fraser Range Station is a real working sheep station and my little sister Marnie really liked meeting the sheep.

There was a huge climbing tree in beautiful garden with a bridge that led to the tree.  I loved playing with my sister Chloe in the garden.

There were kangaroos made out of rusty metal, and my brother thought the old rusty cars were REALLY COOL!!

We met a man named Carrot who was riding his bike from Perth to Sydney with his dog named Coffee.  He is raising money for MS and the Cancer Council.

The next night we stayed at a really old hotel in Southern Cross.  It is famous because once it was called “The Pub with no Beer”

In the morning we went to a playground next to the river in Northam.  It was really sunny and we had a fabulous time.



Fin’s List

These are my favourite photo’s so far

1.  We said goodbye to our Melbourne friends at a party.  This is me Maria, Lucy, Eloise and Chloe.

2. Driving my Dads car (just kidding)

3. Hanging out with my little sister Marnie watching the Kangaroos at Halls Gap

4. Riding my bike

5. Hahndorf photo opportunity

6.  Car games by Fin

7. The Whale waving at me!

9. A really old car at Fraser Range Station

10. The “Spy-Train” at Northam

11.  Running on the beach at South Beach!!

I’ll be back with another list soon!

From Fin

Streaky Bay to Head of Bight & the Nullabor Plain

I was at Streaky Bay.  There was a beach next to our caravan park.  We played at the beach.  There was a storm coming near the beach so we all had to get our things packed into the car.

When we stopped for lunch I found some Oyster shells and bones from a small animal.

We drove for a long time, and in the afternoon we watched movies on our little TV’s in the car.  Our little TV’s were from Brad & Sasha.  Thank you Brad & Sasha!

After we watched our movies, we went to see the Southern Right Whales at the Head of Bight.  There were some whales that looked like big black pipes.

The whales were having babies which is why they were in the Head of Bight. There were 65 whales there.  It looked like one of the whales was waving at us with its flipper.

It was so awesome to see the whales up close.  I saw some whale bones at the information centre and it was from a baby whale (calf)

We drove across the Nullabor plain.  A sign said that there would be camels, wombats and kangaroos for the next 88 kms.

If I was in a plane going across the Nullabor it would look like a big splodge of paint.  I took photos out of the window when we were driving.

When we were driving we saw some Eagles hunting for food.  We also saw an Emu run across the road in front of us.

Thank you reading this,

Love from Chloe xoxo

Pendleton Farm Stay, Keith, SA – AWESOME!!!

Our next stay was at an AWESOME farm.  We got there at night, and while my dad was finding out information the rest of the family were in our car.  We heard this sound that sounded pretty grumpy very close to our car, it was a bit frightening! Then we saw the shape of a camel in the dark.  We got into our house after dad came back (Robinsons Cottage).

In the morning we were woken by the sound of “COCK-A-DOODLE-DOOOOO!!!!”  After we found out that that sound was a rooster we went outside to have a look at all of the animals.  It was raining and we had our umbrellas.  My umbrella was too close to the camel and he started chewing on it!!  I’m super strong so I pulled it away out of his mouth, my poor umbrella had Camel slobber all over it!!!  Then the farmer came out with buckets of seed and took us to feed the animals.  First we fed Princess Mary, the pig.  Next, we fed the chickens.

I fed the chickens straight from my hand, it felt quite nice like little pinches.  Then we went to the camel who was a very good eater!

After that we had a ride on the trailer on the back of the ute, it was the most fun ride ever!!!!

We went over to the reindeer and fed them, there were lots of them and it was so much fun.

We also fed some bison, the mother, father and calf.

We also saw some Emu eggs.

There was an emu and kangaroos but we didnt see them, all we saw was their poop!

When we went back to Robinsons Cottage we were wet and smelt like farm kids, but we didnt care even though we were covered in POOP, it was so much fun!



Halls Gap

Hi its me Chloe. I’m at Halls Gap. There are lots of Kangaroos, and sometimes they come right up to our house.  There is a dog that came to our house when his owner goes to work in the morning.

We went on a big bike ride and saw Kangaroos jumping around the plains.

We saw their footprints and their poo.

We also saw lots of pink and grey Galahs.  We went to the park and played.  My Grandma bought Eloise and I some hairbands.

There are some pictures of the floods that came this year to this town and how it changed the town.  Some of the roads are still closed.

We went to Brambuk cultural centre where we learnt about the Aboriginals and the Grampians.  We saw the Kangaroo toilet.  Eloise, Fin, Marnie and I had an icecream in the cafe and a Cockatoo came to talk to us.

Mummy bought us a card game and a toy Kangaroo for Marnie.

We went to see the MacKenzie Falls and walked a long way to see the sights.

Love from Chloe xo

Goodbye Melbourne

After a long time of getting ready, it was finally time to say goodbye.  It was really sad to leave everyone.  We have lots of friends in Melbourne and I really will miss them.  Because we were going to miss them so much we had a goodbye party at the Westwaters Hotel which has a lake next to it. For food the kids had chips and pizza and we had lots of fun.  Thank you everyone who came to our party and thank you for the gifts.

Some of our friends at our party

Some more friends at our party

A few days after the party we stayed at our family friends Helen and Maia’s for 3 nights while we packed my OLD house.

My sisters and I with our friends Helen and Maia

After that my family and I stayed at our very good friends house (Nancy, Shah, Aliyah, Azeeza, & Sierra) for 3 nights also.

Fin, Chloe and I with our friends Aliyah and Azeeza

Thankyou very much everyone